"Vaibhava" is a collection that celebrates this saga of elegance. It embraces the timeless beauty of the Kanjeevaram saree, where every thread is a testament to the artistry of the weaver's hands.

For centuries, the weavers of Kanchipuram have drawn inspiration from the celestial beauty and grace of Sita, the beloved consort of Lord Rama. Like Sita, who epitomized grace, strength, and purity, the Vaibhava collection embodies these qualities.

Each saree symbolizes the modern Indian woman - strong, graceful, and rooted in her heritage. The zari work, intricate motifs, and the hues of blue, green, and purple in these sarees symbolize the modern Indian woman-strong like the deep blue, graceful like the soothing green, and rooted in heritage like the regal purple. Each thread tells a story of a woman embracing her past while confidently stepping into the vibrant tapestry of her future.